Day 1

Have decided to more actively take care of myself. 

This includes a more concerted effort toward:

  • Hygiene 
  • Exercise
  • Eating Better
  • Daily Meditation/Mindfulness
  • Exploring my Spirituality
  • Forgiving Myself
  • Practicing Gratitude
  • Financial Responsibility

Ivy was up at 2 am last night, crying and then running around like a Wild Thing. I got her down after a diaper change and some water. This happened repeatedly until the early waking hours of today. Graham finally got her down at I don’t know what time with a bottle of milk, and we were all shocked to wake up after 11 am. (Ivy usually gets us up by 8-8:30 at the latest). She must be going through another developmental leap. In two weeks she’ll either be another clothing size or be speaking full sentences.

I caught up on notifications, Graham made coffee. I had it with cream but no sugar, as usual.

Checked my phone for any missed messages from my doctor’s office. There were none. He is moving his office at the moment, and all messages will only be checked periodically until he settles in at the new office on June 30, so I wasn’t surprised. I’m still not particularly fond of waiting, but there’s nothing I else I can do at the moment. C’est la vie, I suppose.

Had ordered some underwear online, and it arrived today. Ivy was thrilled and ran around with panties on her head for a good half hour. Tried them on – no luck, too small. I ordered the biggest size, but I’m a big-boned girl of partial German ancestry with extra weight besides, and the website is based in Asia. It was a gamble to begin with. At least Ivy got something out of them. Ordered earrings too and they at least look good, so I didn’t feel too terrible.

However, Underwear Situation pushed me to make a decision. Am going to return to ‘flexitarian’ ways. It’s the best and most accessible way I know to eat healthier and make sure I get my fruits & veggies. If I’m at my parents’ house or something and they have no other options, I’ll eat what is served to be polite. But I am going to try to stick to non-meat options and also do crunches, see if I can’t lose some of that medication/bad food/inactivity weight. After all, I’ve got a pair of red silky panties to fit into! 

Had an apple and Ivy’s leftover cheesy scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Had to flick Lestat away from taking actual bites out of the egg carton while cooking Ivy’s eggs. He was under the influence of catnip, so that could explain it. But still. I love that dumb cat so much it’s stupid.

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