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– Woke up before Ivy today: was a very strange feeling. I remember thinking ‘This is what crunchy peanut butter feels like when being spread on toast” because my glasses are broken and I woke up with a headache and my ears are blocked up from my cold so everything was muffled and blurry yet slightly sharp and painful, not to mention the apprehension of how Ivy would be when she entered my realm. But she was cheery and normal, albeit surprised to see me up so early.

– Graham came home and it was so good to see him. We sat and had a pleasant morning coffee together. Have missed him. Things are still rocky, but we’re learning so much on this journey and I feel our foundation is getting stronger.

– Met Papa at A&W at 12:30 for lunch. Fun Fact: the Smoky BBQ Teen Burger has 50 less calories than the Veggie Deluxe. Also, they have shakers with the special A&W seasoning salt blend out on the condiment stand now.

– Went to Charleswood with Papa and snapped some photos of some of the flora:


(These are baby fir cones and up above are some larkspur and marigold along with a nameless white flower I just thought was really pretty).

– Did almost ALL my laundry (Nana had picked it up the night before).

– Continued reading ‘Haunted Winnipeg’ by Matthew Komus.

– Ate some roll kuchen and watermelon for supper, continued folding laundry.

– Grandparents went out to a Thing, so I chilled out on the couch. Reading a good WEBTOON right now, called ‘Dead Days’. Super realistic artwork, and with a storyline interesting enough to keep me hooked even though it’s about zombies, which normally completely turns me off.

– Had a mini bag of Lays Classic chips for a snack, and a can of Brisk Lemonade. The chips were good, but since I’ve been drinking more soda water, I found the lemonade too sweet and flat and sugary for me.

– Took a nice bath and washed my hair.

– Nana just texted to ask if I want a smoothie from McDonald’s. They had a blueberry pomegranate one, so I said yes.

– Enjoying the nostalgia of being at my grandparents’ house, with books on how the Illuminati controls the world, books on how to exorcise demons, and let’s not forget the endless Amish romance novels! (Literally about Amish people in love, just to clarify.)

– Grandparents went out for a walk and I am retreating to the bedroom after nibbling on a couple Triscuits (Rosemary & Olive Oil, my favourite kind!) and some dried mango from the Philippines.

– Felt weird drinking milk with my meds and not feeling guilty about it, as normally the milk is reserved wholly for Ivy and I hate to even use it in cooking.

And that is my day thus far. Thankful for air conditioning most of all, then my family & pets & friends, then my books.

What are y’all reading?

Peace out. ☮️

– SharaLee