My Daughter’s First Story


I have chosen to become a stay-at-home Mom. It sounds funny saying this now that my daughter is already almost 4, but for a long time I was trying to juggle so many other things that being a Mom was just sort of a state of being, but didn’t really feel like a *choice*. A lot has happened this summer, and this post isn’t about the past, but my husband and I have been through a lot together and come out the other side much stronger; but ONLY because both of us chose to make each other and our daughter our number one priority. We had a lot of stuff to work through basically since we started dating, and things finally feel like we’re on the same page, pulling for the same team again. So things just leading to what we naturally want when our priorities are right, I found myself wanting to CHOOSE to be a stay-at-home Mom. So that’s what I am. And I’ve never been happier. I’m such a black-and-white thinker sometimes that I forget that choosing one thing does necessarily negate other opportunities. For example, I can still be a full-time Mom, and write this blog. Just as long as my husband and my daughter come first. It’s a good feeling.

I’m sitting in my room with Ivy, and she and I have decided to write a story together. She will narrate and I will type. Without further ado, for your enjoyment, I bring you Ivy Podolecki’s debut story, Ivy Mae.

Ivy Mae

Once upon a time, there was a castle. It was green and yellow and blue and made out of bricks. In the castle lived a princess named Ivy, a king named Daddy, and a queen named Mommy. They had two cats: a black one named Emily, and a black one named Lestat. They were very very happy.

One day, Princess Ivy was walking her poodle in the garden, and she had her laptop with her. She was writing stories and drinking apple juice from her magic princess cup made of grass. Her poodle was yellow and white, and its name was Saka. She loved being in the garden with the princess.

Princess Ivy decided to go buy a new computer. When she got to the store, there weren’t any left! And then the people in the store tried to take away her poodle! But Princess Ivy and Saka got away by borrowing a stroller and pretending that Saka was Ivy’s baby. Those silly computer store people!

Princess Ivy was sad. She really wanted a new computer! But where could she find one? Suddenly she remembered that there was a different computer store far, far, far away in a country called Number Three. She thought about it, and she decided to go there to get one. But she would need lots of supplies to help her make the long journey, so she packed a giant magic bag, and this was what was inside: jewels in jewelry boxes, six of Saka’s baby poodles, and slides in case she got bored.

She got into her car with her best friend Sampy the Unicorn, and Saka, and her magic bag, and started driving towards Number Three. She drove over lots of jumps and went flying through the air but she never crashed because of the magic in Sampy’s magical unicorn horn.

Finally, they all arrived in Number Three. It was right beside a country called Number Four. It was a pretty country, with Ivy-sized bikes and jewelry boxes everywhere. She found the computer store, which was called Everything Plus Three Poodles Store, and she found a new laptop! It was green and yellow, and it could tell her stories. She paid for it with the jewels that she had brought, and bought strawberry lollipops for Sampy and Saka.

They got in the car and arrived safely home, just in time for a delicious feast of Ivy’s favourite dinner: orange juice, apple juice, lollipops, and other candy. It had been a good day, and Ivy went to bed happy with a kiss from her Mommy and a kiss from her Daddy.


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